Software Lifecycle Policy

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This article provides information regarding the support status of NuWave Technologies products. NuWave defines four maintenance levels in the product lifecycle. Each level defines which support activities are, or are not available for each product version. Products remain at each maintenance level for a fixed number of years.

Product Maintenance Categories

Active (Year 1-2)

  • All customer reported defects are analyzed.

  • Repair action taken as appropriate.
  • Bi-annual maintenance releases.

Mature (Year 3-4)

  • All customer reported defects are analyzed.

  • Repair action taken as appropriate for defects categorized as Major or Critical (i.e., the system or application is down or at high risk; business cannot be conducted, or there are continual failures or data corruption).

Limited (Year 5-6)

  • All customer reported defects are analyzed.

  • Support actions limited to providing:
    • Existing fixes, where feasible.
    • Workarounds to known problems.
    • Responses to setup, usage, and configuration questions.

Obsolete (Year 7 or later)

  • The product has reached the end of its service life. No support services are available for the product.

Released Product Support Periods

Released product support periods apply to Enhanced product versions. These versions are identified by the first two segments of the product version string. The product version string contains a third segment indicating the maintenance release number and may contain a fourth segment indicating a maintenance release hotfix. For example:

  • 1.0 - The product version.
  • 1.0.0 - The first release of version 1.0.
  • 1.0.1 - The first maintenance release of version 1.0.
  • - The first hotfix to maintenance release 1.0.1

Maintenance and hotfix versions are supported for the same periods are their associated Enhanced product version.

The following table lists all product Enhanced versions and the month and year that they enter each maintenance category. The last day of the month is implied unless otherwise noted.

Product VersionReleaseActiveMatureLimitedObsolete
LighWave Server 1.0Oct-16Oct-16Oct-18Oct-20Oct-22
LightWave Server 1.1Jan-21Jan-21Jan-23Jan-25Jan-27
LightWave Client 1.0Jun-17Jun-17Jun-19Jun-21Jun-23
LightWave Client 1.1Jul-19Jul-19Jul-21Jul-23Jul-25
LightWave Client 1.2Jan-21Jan-21Jan-23Jan-25Jan-27
SOAPam Server 2.4Oct-10Oct-10Oct-12Oct-14Oct-16
SOAPam Server 3.0May-13May-13May-15May-17May-19
SOAPam Server 3.11Apr-15Apr-15Apr-17Apr-19Dec-21
SOAPam Client 2.4Oct-10Oct-10Oct-12Oct-14Oct-16
SOAPam Client 3.0May-13May-13May-15May-17May-19
SOAPam Client 3.11Apr-15Apr-15Apr-17Apr-19Dec-21

1 Extended support is available for these SOAPam product versions. For more information, see SOAPam Extended Support Policy.

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