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About the Support Center

Answers to questions about using the Support Center and submitting support requests.

  • For questions about NuWave ovens and kitchen appliances

    We are not the NuWave kitchen appliance company. If you have a question or need help with your NuWave kitchen appliance, please visit

  • For questions about phone or internet services

    Our company does not provide phone or internet services, but there are many companies named NuWave that do. You may, or may not, find the company you're looking for on this partial list: NuWave Broadb...

  • How to submit a product support request

    We need your help in order to  answer your question or resolve your issue in an efficient and timely manner. A support request can be submitted in one of two ways: Visit and ope...

  • How to upload files to our support FTP server

    If you are having difficulty submitting files to support via email or web upload you can FTP the files to our Support FTP server using the following steps: Note: Currently only SFTP is working, FTP & ...