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How to upload files to our support FTP server

If you are having difficulty submitting files to support via email or web upload you can FTP the files to our Support FTP server using the following steps:

Note: Currently only SFTP is working, FTP & FTPS are not. We are working on the issue.

  1. In order to prevent malicious activity, we only allow public access to our FTP server when necessary. If you would like to upload files to our server, please open a support case before proceeding.
  2. Use the Guardian PAK utility to create a PAK file which includes the files you want to submit.
  3. If your NonStop Server has access to the internet you may transfer the files directly from your NonStop Server. Otherwise use FTP to transfer the PAK file to another system that has access to the internet. Note that you must use Binary transfer mode when transfering PAK files.
  4. Using a suitable FTP client, connect to our server at address The server supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP protocols. We recommend that you use FTPS or SFTP.
  5. When prompted for the userid use "support" or if using SFTP, use as the destination.
  6. When prompted for the password use "support0000".
  7. If using FTP or FTPS, change your FTP client to binary mode using the BIN command.
  8. Upload the file using the PUT command.
  9. Notify Support that you have uploaded the file. Our Support personnel will download the file and delete it from the server.

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