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SOAPam Extended Support Policy

Extended Support for the SOAPam Server and SOAPam Client is an extension of the Limited Support maintenance category of the NuWave Technologies (NuWave) Software Lifecycle Policy. This category provides the following support activities:

  • All customer reported defects are analyzed.
  • Support actions are limited to providing the following:
  • Existing fixes, where feasible
  • Workarounds for known issues within the software
  • Responses to set-up, usage, and configuration questions.

In addition, Extended Support provides fixes for security vulnerabilities, as follows:

  • For security vulnerabilities in open source packages used by one or both SOAPam solutions, and officially reported as a Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure (CVE) to, NuWave will perform the following actions:
    • Upgrade the open source package to the version which mitigates the vulnerability, when the vulnerability directly impacts the operation of the SOAPam product, and the open source package version corrected by the package maintainer is compatible with the latest version of SOAPam Client or SOAPam Server.
    • Mitigation for issues not corrected by the open source package maintainer will be corrected by NuWave at our sole discretion.  
  • Security issues related to the browser-based SOAPam Server Console will be corrected by NuWave at our sole discretion. Security issues related to obsolete browsers such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge legacy will not be corrected.

Extended Support is limited to the latest GA version of the SOAPam product. As is the case with all of our maintenance categories, support is only available when the software is running on hardware and operating system versions currently supported by HPE.

Extended Support for SOAPam Server and SOAPam Client is planned through September 30, 2024.

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