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LightWave Client: Multiple issues with null field handling


Multiple issues exist with the handling of null fields when using the LightWave Client schema isNull / nillable features. These issues apply to both JSON & XML messages. The issues are:

  • When the isNull & nillable properties are applied to an Element that is a structure, the structure is not serialized as null. Other datatypes are serialized properly.
  • When the isNull & nillable properties are applied to any Element in the schema definition, the API editor raises an error. (No error is raised when isNull or nillable are applied within an @XmlElement).

Advisory Release Date

June 29, 2021

Affected Versions

  • All 1.1.n
  • All 1.2.n

Fixed Versions



A hotfix is available for this issue for the following releases:

  • 1.2.1

Once the hotfix is installed, the issues will not occur.

Note that this hotfix is only for the releases listed. If you would like a hotfix prepared for another release, please open a support case and let us know the release you're using.

Hotfix Installation

Install the hotfix by following these steps:

  • Download the hotfix PAK file using the link below and transfer the file to your NonStop system using binary transfer.
  • Unpak the hotfix PAK file, which contains the following files:               
    • CLIENT - The CLIENT process program file.
    • CCP1211 - The CONSOLE fileset package
  • Stop any existing CLIENT processes.
  • Replace the existing CLIENT program file with the hotfix CLIENT program file.
  • Restart the CLIENT processes.
  • Run the LWSCOM command to install the CONSOLE fileset, e.g.:


Refresh any browser running the Console using SHIFT F5.

The VPROC for this hotfix is:

    • TNS/E - T0000H06_29JUN2021_NuWave_LWC_1_2_1_1_H_e07cc57a
    • TNS/X - T0000L06_29JUN2021_NuWave_LWC_1_2_1_1_H_e07cc57a

You can check the Console VPROC by opening the Console Dashboard, select right click | view source, and check the attribute "data-lw-console-vproc" in the HTML tag. 

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