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LightWave Client: integer with scale values are serialized in exponential notation


When a type defined as integer with scale is serialized, and the serialized value is less than  0.10, the value is serialized in exponential notation. For example, a field defined as:

  "name" : "field",
  "type" : "int",
  "scale" : 2

with value 1 is serialized as:

  "field" : 1.E-02

instead of:

  "field" : 0.01

While the exponential values are correct, they may not be accepted by some web services. Note that this only occurs when the resulting serialized value is less than 0.10.

Advisory Release Date

June 19, 2019

Affected Versions

  • All through 1.0.4

Fixed Versions



A hotfix is available for this issue. Once the hotfix is installed, the values will always be serialized as decimal.

Hotfix Installation

Install the hotfix by following these steps:

  1. Download the hotfix PAK file using the link below and transfer the file to your NonStop system.            
  2. Unpak the hotfix PAK file, which contains the following file:            
    • CLIENT - The CLIENT process program file.
  3. Stop any existing CLIENT processes.
  4. Replace the existing CLIENT program file with the hotfix CLIENT program file.
  5. Restart the CLIENT processes.
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