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LightWave Server: Cancel & Install buttons are missing on Certificate installation dialogs


When installing Intermediate Certificates or completing a Certificate Signing Request, the dialogs presented do not have Cancel or Install buttons. The lack of buttons prevents the user from completing the installation process.

Advisory Release Date

April 24, 2019

Affected Versions

  • 1.0.8

Fixed Versions



A hotfix is available for this issue. Once the hotfix is installed, the certificate installation dialogs will behave correctly.

Hotfix Installation

Install the hotfix by following these steps:

  1. Download the hotfix PAK file using the link below and transfer the file to your NonStop system.
  2. Unpak the hotfix PAK file, which contains the following Console package file:
    • SCP1082
  3. Install the Console package using one of the following SUTILITY or LWSCOM commands:
    • tacl> run sutility --filesystem <filesystem-subvol> --install-console SCP1082
    • tacl> lwscom control filesystem <filesystem-subvol>, installcon SCP1082
  4. Refresh any browser windows that have the Console loaded. It is not necessary to restart the SERVER process.
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