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Using WSDL2CDF with WSDL created by Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

SOAP Web services created with Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) often result in complex WSDL (Web Service Definition Language) documents which contain references to (xsd:import) one or more external WSDL documents. Although WSDL2CDF can process imported schemas, it cannot handle imported WSDL documents.

Microsoft has recognized the difficulty this presents to third-party WSDL processors like WSDL2CDF and now (as of Visual Studio 2012, WCF 4.5) provides the option of producing the WSDL as a single WSDL document. To access this feature, append "?singleWSDL" to your Web service's URI instead of "?wsdl" when running WSDL2CDF. For example:

RUN WSDL2CDF -cdf MYCDF -wsdl &

Note that this solution only applies to Web services created with Microsoft Visual Studio and WCF 4.5+.


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