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SOAPam Server: SOAPAM ABENDs after changing diagnostic log configuration


An issue exists in the Control Panel's Diagnostic Logging configuration page which causes an invalid logging configuration file to be written if a specific sequence of events occurs. After the invalid file is written, the SERVER process will abend in function "sdfLoad" each time the associated service is invoked. The following sequence of events must occur in order for the invalid file to be written:

  • Enable Diagnostic Logging for a service using the "Automatically disable logging after N minutes" option.
  • Remain on the Diagnostic Logging page, or re-open the diagnostic logging page before the automatic disable interval has expired and logging has been disabled.
  • After waiting sufficient time for automatic logging to automatically disable, without leaving the page, save a new log configuration.
  • An invalid log file will be written and the the next time the service is accessed, the SERVER process will abend.


This issue affects SOAPam Server versions 3.1.0 - 3.1.2. The issue has been corrected and is available in release 3.1.3. A hotfix is available for the other affected releases. If you would like to install the hotfix, please send us a message.

You can avoid the issue using one of the following workarounds:

  • Do not use the “Automatically disable logging” feature. Enable and disable logging manually.
  • If you do choose to use the “Automatically disable logging” feature, do not return to the configuration page until you’re certain the auto disable interval has expired. Immediately leave the page once you’ve completed configuration.

If the config file has become corrupted and the SOAPAM process is abending, you can resolve the problem by restarting the SOAPAM process, returning to the Diagnostic Logging configuration page, and changing the logging configuration. This will replace the corrupted configuration file with a valid configuration. You can also delete the corrupted configuration file by deleting it using the File System Browser. The file is located in the same folder as the SDF file with the name <sdf-file-name>.config.

If the SOAPAM process abends immediately upon startup because clients are attempting to access the service, use the VFSMGR program to delete the file prior to starting the SOAPAM process. The syntax to delete the file with VFSMGR is

tacl> run vfsmgr -vfs <vfs-subvol> -delete file /<vfs-folder/<vfs-file-name>.config

Note that deleting the corrupted configuration file will stop the abending but will not prevent the problem from re-occurring.


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