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Using WSDL2CDF with local WSDL files

The WSDL2CDF utility is used to convert Web Service Description Language (WSDL) to SOAPam Client Definition Files (CDF). Typically, the utility connects to the web service provider over the Internet in order to download the WSDL and related artifacts. If the NonStop system doesn't have access to the Internet, the WSDL files can be downloaded to a desktop workstation, transferred to the NonStop, and processed as local files. However, the files may need to be manually edited in order to be processed.

WSDL files may include <import/> elements that reference other artifacts required by the WSDL. XML schemas and other WSDL files are examples of these artifacts. These files must also be download to the NonStop and the references in the parent WSDL must be updated. For example, a WSDL might contain a schema reference that imports an XML schema, for example:

<xsd:import namespace="urn:the-service-schema" schemaLocation=""/>

In order for WSDL2CDF to process the WSDL correctly, the imported schema must be download, uploaded to the NonStop with a valid Enscribe file name, and the WSDL's <import/> element must be updated to reference the new file. For example:

1. On the desktop, download the file

2. Upload the file to the NonStop, naming it "TSSXSD".

3. In the WSDL file on the NonStop, update the <import/> element with the new name of the imported file:

<xsd:import namespace="urn:the-service-schema" schemaLocation="TSSXSD"/>

 Note that there may be multiple <import/> elements in the WSDL and imported artifacts may also contain <import/> elements. 



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