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How to reduce the disk space used by SOAPam Server VFS files

SOAPam Server maintains all of its operational data in the Virtual File System (VFS). The VFS consists of a collection of Enscribe files located in the VFS subvol. If SOAPam Server is configured for HTTP or Diagnostic logging and the logs are not cleaned up periodically, the disk space consumed by the VFS00 and VFS01 files can become quite large. Use the following steps to reduce the size of these files and recover unused file space:

1. Open the VFS as a web folder and examine the /logs/http and /logs/diagnostics folder. Delete any files that are no longer needed.

2. When files are deleted from the VFS using the web folder interface, the files are only marked for deletion. The file data records are physically deleted from the VFS00 & VFS01 files over time by a housekeeping process within SOAPam Server. You can use the VFSMGR utility to cause the VFS00 & VFS01 data records to be immediately deleted by running the following command from the TACL prompt:

TACL>run VFSMGR -vfs <vfs subvol> -clean

3 After cleaning the VFS there may still be a large amount of unused disk space allocated to the VFS01 file. You can reclaim this disk space using the FUP RELOAD command by running the following command from the TACL prompt:

TACL>FUP RELOAD <vfs subvol>.VFS01

Note that this command can be run while the file is open and SOAPam Server is running. You may need to run this command multiple times before all of the free space is reclaimed.

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